Voice on the Net conference, San Jose, Spring 2005

20050315a Digium and partners showing Asterisk based products and services. 20050315c Cisco / Linksys VoIP gear. Unfortunately all of it provider locked. Based on the excellent Sipura hard- and firmware. 20050315d Alcatel IP phone, using SIP on the PBX but not in the phone.
20050315e Alcatel SIP softphone on HP 6315 GSM/802.11/Bluetooth phone. 20050315f U4EA (= euphoria) NP40 Integrated Voice Access Controller. FXO/FXS ports, SIP, G729AB, T.38, G.168, RADIUS, QoS tagging of media streams, WLAN (802.11a/b/g). 20050315g U4EA NP80 Integrated Voice Access Controller. 24 port switch, PoE, 2 FXO ports, 24 FXS ports (POTS), SIP, G729AB, T.38, G.168, RADIUS, QoS tagging of media streams, WLAN (802.11a/b/g, WEP, WPA, 802.1x). 20050315i U4EA BenQ P50 Smartphone. Quadband GSM, Bluetooth, WLAN (802.11), USB, 1.3 Megapixel camera, MPEG-4 player, 240x320 pixel, SD/MMC card. 20050315j The BenQ P50 compared to a Motorola V300. The P50 runs the Sylantro SIP softphone. 20050315l BenQ P50 vs. Motorola V300. 20050315m Clipcomm WLAN (802.11b/g) SIP phone. ARM7 CPU, 128x64 pixel display, WEP, STUN, 110g., 139x50x25mm. 20050315n Clipcomm WLAN SIP phone closeup. 20050315t UTStarcom WLAN SIP phone, sold as WiSIP 200 by pulverInnovations. 802.11b/g, 802.1x, WEP, PPPoE, 11x4.5x2.2cm, 111g. 20050315q UTStarcom vs. Motorola V300. 20050315u Vizufon SIP Video Phone, sold by pulverInnovations. 30fps, built in web browser, e-mail and SMS. 20050315v External A/V ports on Vizufon SIP Video Phone. 20050315x Sony PSP, makes a great WiFi phone. 20050315ac Tandberg 1000 Conferencing Video Endpoint. SIP enabled, 768 kbps, 12.1 20050315af Tandberg 150 (left), Tandberg 1500 MXP (right): SIP enabled, wireless, 2 Mbps, 17 20050315ag Tandberg 150 for video conferencing, 8.4 20050315ai New ZyXEL WLAN phone. 20050315an New ZyXEL SIP Video Phone, cordless handset in base. 20050315ap Innomedia MTA 5000 SIP Video Phone. 3G/UMTS compatible, WLAN support, PSTN lifeline/fallback, 5 20050315aq Innomedia MTA 5410 SIP Video Phone. 
Like MTA 5000, except 4 20050315at Hitachi Cable WIP-5000 SIP WLAN phone, shown by Longboard.
Longboard demoed uninterrupted call handover from WLAN to GSM on an HP Ipaq 6315 with their OnePhone application. 20050315au Hitachi Cable WIP-500 vs. Motorola V300. 20050315cl Snom Booth at VON. 20050315aw SNOM VoIP / 4S Box. Integrated SIP PBX, based on Linux, running on fanless compact system. Configuration stored on a CF card, setup with a PC based wizard. Supports replication against identical system. 20050315de New Snom SIP phone 360. PoE, 128x64 pixel, many features, supports https, SIPS and SRTP. Cert can be loaded in device. 20050315di Back of Snom 360 20050315bc San Jose police. 20050315bd Introduction of Microsoft Communicator. 20050315bf Istanbul is now Microsoft Communicator. 20050315bg Microsofts new SIP client application, MS Office Communicator ( 20050315bh Halls at VON. 20050315bk Mitel booth. 20050315bl Mitel phones. Only 3 of them support SIP. 20050315bm Mitel SIP phone. 20050315bn Belkin Message Manager ATA, SIP, 1 WAN/1 LAN/2 FXS, provider locked. 20050315bo Belkin Broadband Phone Adapter, SIP, 1 WAN/2 FXS, provider locked. 20050315br HS Teliann Teliphone 3100 SIP phone, built in modem for dialup (using G.723.1 codec). 20050315bv Teliphone 3100 ports, LAN + phone line. 20050315bs HS Teliann Telimax 221D ATA, for dialup. 20050315by Concept Video Phone. 20050315ca ACT WLAN phone 202S. SIP, 802.11b, 802.1x, WEP, 176x220 pixel transflective LCD, 141x53x25mm, 125g, Java VM, Ring tones, Ring Back tones, UPnP, STUN. 20050315ce myJabber SIP softphone, w/ XMPP IM support. 20050315ci Motorola SVB5220 Cable Modem w/ SIP support. 20050315ck Motorola SVB5120 Cable Modem w/ SIP support. 20050315cm RTX dualphone, works with Skype, but not SIP. RTX_SIPhonic RTX SIPhonic Cordless VoIP Gateway and Handset. SIP, 4 URI's per gateway, 8 handsets per gateway, FXO port for lifeline/E-911 support. SIP extension for instant messaging. 20050315cp Infineon VoIP phone reference board. 20050315cr Infineon reference VoIP phone, with Jungo Software. 20050315cs TelTel, a SIP community. 20050315ct Sangoma 4 port T1/E1 card A104, compatible with Asterisk Open Source PBX 20050315cu Sangoma 2 port T1/E1 card A102, compatible with Asterisk Open Source PBX 20050315cy New Intertex IX67 Firewall/Router with SIP support, successor to the IX66.
Supports up to 50 users with the SIPswitch IPBX option. WLAN (802.11g), FXS and FXP port. 20050315dc Intertex IX67 and Hitachi Cable WIP-5000.

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